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Top 5 most notable highlights of F1 season 2020

Despite the impact of COVID-19, F1 season 2020 has ended spectacularly, there is no shortage of things to remember.

Lewis Hamilton continued to shatter Michael Schumacher’s records, but also began to feel the pressure from Max Verstappen and George Russell. These are just a few notable points of F1 2020.

1. The best racer of the year

No one is second to Lewis Hamilton after he repeatedly crashed F1 records. Even Michael Schumacher’s Grand Prix victories are outdone: Hamilton now has 95, compared to German legend 91. Hamilton even caught up with Michael Schumacher’s record seven times in the league. At the age of 35, Hamilton – going to be called Sir Lewis – still seems energetic and aspirational to conquer new records.

2. Max Verstappen and George Russell deserved to be the best racers

Immediately after Hamilton, Max Verstappen and George Russell deserved to be seen as the best racers, slightly better than Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. Verstappen’s speed has long made an impression, and Russell was noticed from the moment he got into Hamilton’s car on the Bahrain track.

Although only a few days with the Silver Arrow, Russell has shown great speed and judgment. At the same time, he proved very self-controlled. From the time he accepted the invitation from Williams to move to Mercedes until the moment he left, he had all the right statements, not arrogant nor self-deprecating.

3. The impressive photo

George Russell is rich in potential

Regrettably, it’s not a pretty picture: Romain Grosjean’s Haas car on a Bahrain race track rushes 225 km/h into a row of metal barriers and ignites like a fireball. It was not until 25 seconds later that Romain Grosjean got out of the car and the fire was in an unbelievably healed condition, with only his hands burned.

4. Chase Carey maintains the F1 Championship

Becoming the successor of Bernie Ecclestone, Chase Carey was able to maintain the F1 Championship despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizing 17 races over 24 weeks is a real feat for Chase Carey. From early 2021, let’s wait and see if new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali can perform better or not.

5. The Nightmare COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic caused at every race, the organizer must test at least 35 times. The irony is that the organizers usually only test the riders, not the reporters. Because of COVID-19, some F1 racing tournaments were canceled.