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The effort to complete the season of many racing tournaments (Part 2)

World SBK: There are 9 races in total

The WSBK 2020 completed an opening race in Phillip Island, Australia in early March before being postponed indefinitely. The tournament will be back in early August at Jerez (so this race will have 3 consecutive weeks of racing), along with 3 other races on Spanish soil.

Two of these will take place in Aragon in late August, early September, and then Catalunya on September 19-20.

Phillip Island racetrack

Algarve (Portugal), the race is being considered to organize an F1 race this year, with Magny-Cours (France) and Misano (Italy) will be the remaining names to be held in 2020.

Thus the season will have a total of 9 races, expected to end on November 7 to 8 in Misano so the racing schedule is not so dense as MotoGP. However, except Imola (Italy) and Oschersleben (Germany) that have been officially canceled, there are three other names: Donington Park (England), Assen (Netherlands) and Losail (Qatar) are waiting and hoping to be ranked. calendar.

Formula E: Adding 6 races with the special track structure

The 2019-20 season of the tournament has completed 5 stages in Saudi Arabia (2 stages), Chile, Mexico and Morocco before 7 other races were canceled, which is Sanya (China), Rome (Italy), Paris (France), Seoul (South Korea), Jakarta (Indonesia), New York (USA) and London (UK) – 2 stages.

Order 3 structures proposed for use in the 6 upcoming Berlin ePrix stages

Because there were not too many options for the venue for the remaining races of the season with the characteristics of racing on the street (taking more time to build the track), the tournament made a somewhat decisive decision. shocked but very reasonable at this time.

The organizers will organize 6 more races to complete the 2019-20 season and all those races will be held on the streets of Berlin, Germany on 3 different race structures around the airport. Tempelhof.

Car racing

The effort to complete the season of many racing tournaments (Part 1)

Along with F1 race, other racing events after a long delay is starting to come back in this period, new milestones in the history of racing in the world.

Although it is still not possible to organize the cheers of the audience, the organization of racing events is a good signal in the time of pandemic is still complicated. Here are new updates on the top racing events in the world this season.

To organize at least 13 races in the 2020 season and in case the worst case cannot leave Europe, MotoGP organizers have set up a new schedule for this year, including up to 5 racetracks. will organize 2 consecutive races in 2 weeks.

Jerez is the opening stage for the season with two stages respectively on July 19 and 26, then the Red Bull Ring (Austria), Misano (San Marino), Aragon, and Valencia (Spain) respectively. The race track closes this season.

The expected 13-stage schedule of MotoGP 2020

Between these 5 races are 3 other locations that have confirmed 1 race this year, namely Brno (Czech Republic), Catalunya (Spain) and Le Mans (France).

Accordingly, after 2 consecutive weeks at Jerez, the racing teams will have to prepare to face 3 tripleheaders (3 stages in 3 consecutive weeks) in August and October, but they will have a 2-week break between each of these tripleheaders. So out of the 13 confirmed races, up to 7 races are held in the “gaur country”, which is referred to as the “home town” of the tournament.

Besides, in addition to 9 officially canceled routes, the remaining 3 sections in Thailand, Malaysia, and Argentina are still waiting for the final “ruling” soon. However, looking at the current schedule, it will not be easy to rearrange the order of the races if the three events above can be “green-lighted” to organize.