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Italian Grand Prix 2020: Pierre Gasly championship amid many shocks

The Italian Grand Prix 2020 is not only the last F1 tournament that sticks to the Williams family but also happens to many surprises.Before the Italian Grand Prix 2020, many people must have been confused about the 24-year-old French racer Alpha Tauri. But after winning the Italian Grand Prix 2020, he is probably better known.

And even Alpha Tauri is contagious. Because this team has just been renamed. Last year, Alpha Tauri was also named Toro Rosso – “sister” of Red Bull. That was when Red Bull downgraded Pierre Gasly to race for this Italian-based F1 team.

Unexpectedly on a crazy race day in Monza, Pierre Gasly finished first at the Italian Grand Prix, despite starting at 10th. In contrast, Lewis Hamilton only finished seventh due to a 10-second penalty, despite winning 6 of the last 7 Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton finished 7th due to the deduction of points

However, the top spot of Hamilton’s chart is still as solid as the table with Carlos Sainz of McLaren and Lance Stroll of Racing Point occupying the 2nd and 3rd place.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen had no points due to giving up due to a machine failure. Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas surprisingly only finished fifth, so Hamilton maintained a safe point distance.

Charles Leclerc type car crash

Ferrari continued to have the Grand Prix failed with Charles Leclerc having a car crash in the middle of the road, while Sebastian Vettel failed to win at just 6 laps.

Lewis Hamilton took the pole with a record fast lap

Lewis Hamilton continues to prove to be Mercedes’ biggest prop at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix while Ferrari continues to be in crisis.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have just helped Mercedes continue to dominate when they occupy the first two places of the Italian Grand Prix 2020 qualifier. Not only that, but the British racer also has a lap with a record fast time at Monza: 1 minute 18,887 seconds.

So Hamilton extended the record to occupy the pole to 94 times, take the pole in 6 out of 7 races and take the pole for the 7th time in Italy. Meanwhile, Mercedes has occupied the pole 8 times in a row this season.

Ferrari continued to bog down with both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc bouncing out of the Top 10. This means that for the first time at Monza since 1984, Ferrari has no runner in the Top 10.