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Supercars use livestream instead of show (Part 2)

Similarly, the fashion industry was also heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A series of shows must be canceled or delayed, such as Men’s Fashion Week in Paris (France), London (England) and Milan (Italy).

But in Shanghai (China), another option has been worked out. Instead of completely canceling the show, they organized it in digital form, taking advantage of social shopping trends in this billion-dollar country.

The whole fashion show is livestreamed through T-Mall and promoted by online influencers. This is a very close and direct experience. Like at the Geneva Motor Show livestream, people who have never been to the show can now sit in the middle of the screen and watch the collection from their favorite designers directly.

Shanghai Fashion Week on T-Mall

The livestream of Shanghai Fashion Week has created a revolution in social shopping. It takes this emerging trend in China to the next level, by allowing customers to shop directly. This is the first fashion week that consumers can buy designs in the collection in real time as soon as they are showcased, under the direct guidance of favorite commentators.

Of course, traditionally organized shows won’t disappear. Because, becoming a handful of people was chosen to shoulder next to the world star on the front row of fashion shows, car showrooms, auctions, art shows… is an incomparable magical experience.

Even so, Shanghai Fashion Week has opened up a new era – where the crowd mingles with the few, where customers buy designs in real time, where anyone in the world can reach them. premium experience. Other shows will follow this trend, such as super car showcases, art exhibitions and other luxury events.

It is important for brands to constantly innovate instead of just learning how to do this. Because young consumers are always looking for unexpected innovation and innovation from high-end brands and events.

While many regulators considered the Covid-19 pandemic a danger and chose to halt operations, others decided to change to survive. In crisis there is always an opportunity for those who know how to act. It inspires innovation by forcing people to reflect on the known world and create new realities.

Digital technology has been disrupting the luxury industry for years, and now it breaks all the usual standards in how customers approach, experience and buy products from their beloved brands. like at favorite events. This disease is the way for people to move towards future innovation.

Luxury Cars

The world’s most luxurious car collection of the Sultan of Brunei

Owning more than 7,000 supercars worth $ 5 billion, F1 racing collection won the championship in the past 30 years, the Sultan of Brunei makes many people amazed by his luxury car hobby.

Rich, powerful, King Hassanal Bolkiah holds many records of spending levels such as spending up to $ 17 million to bid on a Renoir painting, giving his daughter the birthday of the plane. The Airbus A340 is worth $ 100 million, the most luxurious mansion in the world. Most notably is the record of having the most cars in the world with more than 7,000 units worth up to $ 5 billion.

According to incomplete statistics on the Daily Mirror, in the garage of the Sultan of Brunei, there are about 604 Rolls Royce, 574 Mercedes – Benz, 452 Ferrari, 382 Bentley, 209 BMW, 129 Jaguard, many cars. Koenigsegg, 21 Lamborghini cars, 11 Aston Martins, 2 McLaren F1s and 1 SSC.

Collection of F1 racing cars

In particular, the Sultan of Brunei also owns a collection of F1 racing cars that have won the championship every year from 1980 to the present. The cars are not completely “copies” but are real cars bought directly from champions such as Ferrari, McLaren …

With 604 Rolls-Royce in the collection, it is thought that the Sultan of Brunei may have bought more than half of its production worldwide over the 10 years from 1990 to 2000.

10 out of 11 Aston Martin cars in the world’s largest car collection, is a very rare supercar produced limited to Aston Martin one – 77. It is known that this car is only produced 77 units worldwide. but the Sultan of Brunei has owned 10.

And yet, the supercar also has two rare Ferrari Mytho, a unique Jaguar XJ220 designed by Pininfarina, Benley Java, Benley Dominator 4×4, the only Mercedes CLKGTR with right hand drive designed for the King, the only Porche Carma, the Koenigsegg Agera CC GT and Cicero BDB Maestro are also the only concepts produced. The Sultan of Brunei also spent $ 14 million to 24k gold plated on the Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limo.

Most of the cars in this huge collection are kept in 5 secret hangars with a team of experts from many different car manufacturers to keep the car in good condition. According to calculations, if the King used a car every day, it takes 13.5 years for all 7,000 vehicles to be rolled.

Luxury Cars

Cadillac Escalade turned into a 5-star hotel

With the Lexani version, the owner of the Cadillac Escalade can enjoy the feeling of being in a 5-star hotel room with fully furnished furniture.

Known to be one of the leading innovative brands in customizing automotive interiors, US automaker Lexani Motorcars has recently introduced a custom-built interior trim for the Cadillac Escalade 30 ”Extended Viceroy Edition.

Outside, Lexani retains the original bunker appearance of the “American Dinosaur”, but has extended the wheelbase by 30 inches to allow for more spacious internal space.

The Cadillac Escalade of Lexani

Toward the upper class customers, Escalade 30 “Extended Viceroy Edition’s luxurious interior is a combination of a convenient mobile office, a comfortable resting environment and a top-notch entertainment space.

Specifically, the cockpit and passenger compartment of the SUV is designed separately, with the partition is a 48-inch curved Smart TV screen for video conferencing as well as entertainment needs.

Passenger compartment has 4 seats arranged in rotation, of which the last row is the main row.

Luxurious interior of the car

The infotainment system’s infotainment system is even more comfortable with two Apple Ipad Pro tablets mounted on the side of the car, an Apple Mac Mini and a PlayStation 4 console.

The classy interior of this special Escalade is also revamped with a ceiling that mimics the starry sky, the design style often seen on Rolls-Royce’s British luxury cars.

All features such as massage, heating, cooling, as well as air conditioning, electric blinds, and ceiling lights are controlled via the Control4 touch screen located in the center armrest.

The Escalade through Lexani’s hand becomes more luxurious and attractive than ever.

In addition to the technological upgrades, Escalade Viceroy Edition’s cabin is also decorated as a room in a 5-star hotel. Business-class seats are upscale leather with diamond-stitched motifs, with an airplane-style folding table.

In addition, the optional VIP package also offers suede furniture, cupboards, cups and many other additional equipment.

In terms of safety, Escalade Viceroy Edition is also considered a “mobile fortress” with level 7 bulletproof capability. However, customers will have to pay more to get this armored body plate.

Based on the starting price of $75,195 for the standard Escalade, Lexani’s Escalade is expected to have a six-figure price, which is over $100,000.

Luxury Cars

In which country was the Rolls Royce car made?

What country of Rolls Royce is made and the stories surrounding this luxury line are not known to everyone. Let’s find out in the article below!

Not many people know, the luxury car is created by an accidental meeting between two boys Henry Royce and Charles Rolls more than 100 years ago. This meeting laid the foundation for the birth of a luxury car brand, which to date, that name has resonated around the world. Henry Royce is an engineer in the field of generators. And Charles Rolls is a trader of imported vehicles. At the time, he owned a car dealership in Fulham, England.

In 1907, the car with the magical name Silver Shost represented the name Rolls-Royce debuted at the Olympia exhibition (West Kensington, England) and started the initial success of this luxury brand. With their business strategy, the first Rolls Royce entered the race for promotional purposes.

The 4-seat Silver Ghost with a 6-cylinder engine started to pay attention when it became a car running 24,140 km continuously, only after Ford’s Model T (35,000 km). But unfortunately, when Silver Ghost had initial success, Charles Rolls unfortunately crashed and died on a flight in July 1910. Since then, Henry Royce alone has been in charge of all factory operations.

In 1928, Royce successfully developed the engine and affixed the R symbol. By 1931, Merlin engines were born and began to be tested on aircraft. Since then, Rolls-Royce has officially entered the field of aviation by providing engines for the Royal Air Force.

The incident occurred in 1971, when the troubles surrounding the development of the RB211 space engine caused the financial situation of Rolls-Royce to decline. Rolls Royce was transferred to the military company Vickers to manage in 1980, but after 17 years unable to revive the brand, Vickers sold Rolls-Royce to BMW car group in 1998.

During this period, Germany became the capital of the car industry worldwide, but it took four years before BMW could bring Rolls Royce back to stable operation. In the early 1990s, BMW and Rolls-Royce Motor formed a joint venture, thereby bringing Rolls-Royce to a new page.