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In which country was the Rolls Royce car made?

What country of Rolls Royce is made and the stories surrounding this luxury line are not known to everyone. Let’s find out in the article below!

Not many people know, the luxury car is created by an accidental meeting between two boys Henry Royce and Charles Rolls more than 100 years ago. This meeting laid the foundation for the birth of a luxury car brand, which to date, that name has resonated around the world. Henry Royce is an engineer in the field of generators. And Charles Rolls is a trader of imported vehicles. At the time, he owned a car dealership in Fulham, England.

In 1907, the car with the magical name Silver Shost represented the name Rolls-Royce debuted at the Olympia exhibition (West Kensington, England) and started the initial success of this luxury brand. With their business strategy, the first Rolls Royce entered the race for promotional purposes.

The 4-seat Silver Ghost with a 6-cylinder engine started to pay attention when it became a car running 24,140 km continuously, only after Ford’s Model T (35,000 km). But unfortunately, when Silver Ghost had initial success, Charles Rolls unfortunately crashed and died on a flight in July 1910. Since then, Henry Royce alone has been in charge of all factory operations.

In 1928, Royce successfully developed the engine and affixed the R symbol. By 1931, Merlin engines were born and began to be tested on aircraft. Since then, Rolls-Royce has officially entered the field of aviation by providing engines for the Royal Air Force.

The incident occurred in 1971, when the troubles surrounding the development of the RB211 space engine caused the financial situation of Rolls-Royce to decline. Rolls Royce was transferred to the military company Vickers to manage in 1980, but after 17 years unable to revive the brand, Vickers sold Rolls-Royce to BMW car group in 1998.

During this period, Germany became the capital of the car industry worldwide, but it took four years before BMW could bring Rolls Royce back to stable operation. In the early 1990s, BMW and Rolls-Royce Motor formed a joint venture, thereby bringing Rolls-Royce to a new page.