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Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship for the 7th time, equalizing Schumacher

During a rainy and unpredictable weekend at the Istanbul Park racetrack, there was something else indispensable – the 7th Championship for Lewis Hamilton, putting him on par with Michael Schumacher’s phone.

The 7th time Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship

Lewis Hamilton won the Turkish Grand Prix, thereby winning the F1 racing championship this year and balancing the legendary Michael Schmacher’s seven-time F1 championship record.

The unpredictable things in Turkish GP (Turkish GP) took place right from the previous qualifying round a day. The fact that Lance Stroll took the first place (pole) seemed to usher in an uncertain race, while Hamilton was only sixth, and teammate Valtteri Bottas was also the last hope to stop him. crowned king, still standing at number 9.

Hamilton’s hard and easy victory

After all, little hope to prolong the F1 championship race had vanished with Bottas’s first corner slide. The Finnish driver officially slipped out of the Top 10, and since then everyone understands that the Turkish GP seems to be Hamilton’s celebration, regardless of the racer’s overall ranking.

Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship for the 7th time

Of course, the 35-year-old did not want his celebration to be overshadowed by Stroll’s sudden victory as many had envisioned. After the frustrating laps of not being able to surpass Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton gradually overcame his opponents and returned to his familiar leadership position for most of the race this season.

The rains did not make the British racer difficult. Of course, it is necessary to thank the god of luck for the mistakes of other racers like Alexander Albon, and his own courage to point to the pit once, ignoring the second pit chants from the team round 56. Hamilton made his own 93rd career victory in the Turkish GP, a sweet end to the day marking his 7th individual championship.

Hamilton’s sheer victory overshadowed other notable highlights on a crazy afternoon at the Istanbul Park racetrack. Sergio Perez is unexpectedly behind Hamilton, while Sebastian Vettel has gone through his best run since the start of the season when he was on the podium for the first time in the season.

The German driver is looking to enjoy the final races in a Ferrari shirt, before officially moving to a new stop in the 2021 season. Bottas, Hamilton’s teammate, not only gives up the opportunity to stop his teammates soon. The team was crowned 3 rounds early, but could not collect any points.