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Supercars use livestream instead of show (Part 2)

Similarly, the fashion industry was also heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A series of shows must be canceled or delayed, such as Men’s Fashion Week in Paris (France), London (England) and Milan (Italy).

But in Shanghai (China), another option has been worked out. Instead of completely canceling the show, they organized it in digital form, taking advantage of social shopping trends in this billion-dollar country.

The whole fashion show is livestreamed through T-Mall and promoted by online influencers. This is a very close and direct experience. Like at the Geneva Motor Show livestream, people who have never been to the show can now sit in the middle of the screen and watch the collection from their favorite designers directly.

Shanghai Fashion Week on T-Mall

The livestream of Shanghai Fashion Week has created a revolution in social shopping. It takes this emerging trend in China to the next level, by allowing customers to shop directly. This is the first fashion week that consumers can buy designs in the collection in real time as soon as they are showcased, under the direct guidance of favorite commentators.

Of course, traditionally organized shows won’t disappear. Because, becoming a handful of people was chosen to shoulder next to the world star on the front row of fashion shows, car showrooms, auctions, art shows… is an incomparable magical experience.

Even so, Shanghai Fashion Week has opened up a new era – where the crowd mingles with the few, where customers buy designs in real time, where anyone in the world can reach them. premium experience. Other shows will follow this trend, such as super car showcases, art exhibitions and other luxury events.

It is important for brands to constantly innovate instead of just learning how to do this. Because young consumers are always looking for unexpected innovation and innovation from high-end brands and events.

While many regulators considered the Covid-19 pandemic a danger and chose to halt operations, others decided to change to survive. In crisis there is always an opportunity for those who know how to act. It inspires innovation by forcing people to reflect on the known world and create new realities.

Digital technology has been disrupting the luxury industry for years, and now it breaks all the usual standards in how customers approach, experience and buy products from their beloved brands. like at favorite events. This disease is the way for people to move towards future innovation.