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Top 5 most notable highlights of F1 season 2020

Despite the impact of COVID-19, F1 season 2020 has ended spectacularly, there is no shortage of things to remember.

Lewis Hamilton continued to shatter Michael Schumacher’s records, but also began to feel the pressure from Max Verstappen and George Russell. These are just a few notable points of F1 2020.

1. The best racer of the year

No one is second to Lewis Hamilton after he repeatedly crashed F1 records. Even Michael Schumacher’s Grand Prix victories are outdone: Hamilton now has 95, compared to German legend 91. Hamilton even caught up with Michael Schumacher’s record seven times in the league. At the age of 35, Hamilton – going to be called Sir Lewis – still seems energetic and aspirational to conquer new records.

2. Max Verstappen and George Russell deserved to be the best racers

Immediately after Hamilton, Max Verstappen and George Russell deserved to be seen as the best racers, slightly better than Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. Verstappen’s speed has long made an impression, and Russell was noticed from the moment he got into Hamilton’s car on the Bahrain track.

Although only a few days with the Silver Arrow, Russell has shown great speed and judgment. At the same time, he proved very self-controlled. From the time he accepted the invitation from Williams to move to Mercedes until the moment he left, he had all the right statements, not arrogant nor self-deprecating.

3. The impressive photo

George Russell is rich in potential

Regrettably, it’s not a pretty picture: Romain Grosjean’s Haas car on a Bahrain race track rushes 225 km/h into a row of metal barriers and ignites like a fireball. It was not until 25 seconds later that Romain Grosjean got out of the car and the fire was in an unbelievably healed condition, with only his hands burned.

4. Chase Carey maintains the F1 Championship

Becoming the successor of Bernie Ecclestone, Chase Carey was able to maintain the F1 Championship despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizing 17 races over 24 weeks is a real feat for Chase Carey. From early 2021, let’s wait and see if new F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali can perform better or not.

5. The Nightmare COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic caused at every race, the organizer must test at least 35 times. The irony is that the organizers usually only test the riders, not the reporters. Because of COVID-19, some F1 racing tournaments were canceled.

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Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship for the 7th time, equalizing Schumacher

During a rainy and unpredictable weekend at the Istanbul Park racetrack, there was something else indispensable – the 7th Championship for Lewis Hamilton, putting him on par with Michael Schumacher’s phone.

The 7th time Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship

Lewis Hamilton won the Turkish Grand Prix, thereby winning the F1 racing championship this year and balancing the legendary Michael Schmacher’s seven-time F1 championship record.

The unpredictable things in Turkish GP (Turkish GP) took place right from the previous qualifying round a day. The fact that Lance Stroll took the first place (pole) seemed to usher in an uncertain race, while Hamilton was only sixth, and teammate Valtteri Bottas was also the last hope to stop him. crowned king, still standing at number 9.

Hamilton’s hard and easy victory

After all, little hope to prolong the F1 championship race had vanished with Bottas’s first corner slide. The Finnish driver officially slipped out of the Top 10, and since then everyone understands that the Turkish GP seems to be Hamilton’s celebration, regardless of the racer’s overall ranking.

Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship for the 7th time

Of course, the 35-year-old did not want his celebration to be overshadowed by Stroll’s sudden victory as many had envisioned. After the frustrating laps of not being able to surpass Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton gradually overcame his opponents and returned to his familiar leadership position for most of the race this season.

The rains did not make the British racer difficult. Of course, it is necessary to thank the god of luck for the mistakes of other racers like Alexander Albon, and his own courage to point to the pit once, ignoring the second pit chants from the team round 56. Hamilton made his own 93rd career victory in the Turkish GP, a sweet end to the day marking his 7th individual championship.

Hamilton’s sheer victory overshadowed other notable highlights on a crazy afternoon at the Istanbul Park racetrack. Sergio Perez is unexpectedly behind Hamilton, while Sebastian Vettel has gone through his best run since the start of the season when he was on the podium for the first time in the season.

The German driver is looking to enjoy the final races in a Ferrari shirt, before officially moving to a new stop in the 2021 season. Bottas, Hamilton’s teammate, not only gives up the opportunity to stop his teammates soon. The team was crowned 3 rounds early, but could not collect any points.

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Why did Lewis Hamilton announce he could break up with F1?

Lewis Hamilton is looking for a contract with a record salary in F1 history but is now at risk of only enjoying a poor salary, not just at Mercedes.

The British racer has just won the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and if he succeeds again in Istanbul next week, he will have his 7th World Champion title, catching the legendary Schumacher record, despite teammate Valtteri Bottas’s performance, also the most dangerous opponent.

The reason why Hamilton suddenly wanted to break up with F1 was probably that he has yet to close a new contract with Mercedes. The 35-year-old driver wants a new 3-year contract, each year receiving a new record salary of F1 of 40 million pounds. This salary is up to 5 million pounds (150 billion) higher than the amount that Hamilton is receiving at Mercedes.

But if Mercedes continues to delay until the new F1 salary regulations take effect, Hamilton will only receive a maximum of £ 22 million per season, more than half of his request.

Lewis Hamilton announced he could break up with F1

Of course, the F1 salary will only apply from 2023. However, the effective date of this regulation is easy to start early, not to mention it also affects Hamilton’s contract due to an extended deadline. from 2021-2023.

Lewis Hamilton’s father burst into tears when his son broke a world record

Another record for Michael Schumacher fell when Lewis Hamilton won the Portuguese Grand Prix. No one knows for Lewis to achieve his current achievements, how much sacrifice his father had to make when he was handcuffed to plow 3 “jobs” so that his son could soon satisfy his passion behind in mausoleum.

Now, Lewis Hamiton’s next goal is to catch up and hit Schumacher’s record six times in the league!

On Schumacher’s 14-year journey to break the KLT, Hamilton thought he had failed at a time by dropping to 3rd after the rain in Portugal, but then sprang up to win 8th out of 12 Grand Prix races ​​this year. He is 25.5 seconds more than his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finished 3rd.

This feat increased in magnitude in Hamilton’s record collection. Not only does he currently have the most number of Grand Prix wins, but he also holds the record for taking the pole 97 times, a record 161 waking times on the podium, and a record of 45 consecutive points after the race.

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The results of Imola Grand Prix 2020, Ineos took over Mercedes

F1 history has just set another record for Mercedes, after their two riders, Hamilton and Bottas took a turn at the Imola Grand Prix 2020 respectively.

At Imola Grand Prix 2020 over the weekend, Lewis Hamilton finished first and teammate Valtteri Bottas finished second. As a result, Mercedes soon became the F1 champion team this season. This is the 7th consecutive year that Mercedes has dominated F1. That is an achievement that no team has ever done in the history of this sport.

Thanks to this feat, all members of the team are rewarded with a big bonus that each person receives about 10,000 pounds. The 93rd victory at the Grand Prix brought Hamilton closer to the 7th World Championship, a record held by Schumacher.

At Imola Grand Prix 2020 over the weekend, Lewis Hamilton finished first

3rd place belongs to Daniel Ricciardo and this is the second time Australian racers have stood on the podium of glory this season. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was in a crash so it was not in the first three classes.

Ineos and the richest man in England took over Mercedes

Just bought a fleet of Sky bikes last year, Ineos joined Sir Jim Ratcliffe in entering F1 with the acquisition of a majority stake to take control of Mercedes.

After Ferrari fell into the hands of the Americans, Mercedes has superstar Lewis Hamilton’s turn to close a contract to sell 70% of a 70% stake worth 700 million pounds this weekend to chemical giant Ineos and Sir. Jim Ratcliffe.

Last year, when he bought Sky bicycle racing team, Ineos revealed his intention to invest in F1 with a Mercedes sponsorship contract of 100 million pounds at the beginning of this season. Ineos showed great interest in sports, so he also owned the French team Nice and sponsored Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup yachting race.

Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe takes control of Mercedes

Eddie Jordan – former Mercedes leader and another source close to the racing team have confirmed the transaction regarding this German team. At the same time, it is expected that Toto Wolff will sell a 30% stake in Ineos to transfer to an advisory role.

The new owners said they kept the Mercedes racing team name for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The reason was that under the sponsorship agreement, the Ineos name was present on the side of Mercedes racing cars.

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Lewis Hamilton and 7 wonders in his F1 racing career

At the Portuguese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton just broke another record of the legendary Schumacher in the F1 racing.

The number 7 seems to have a very special significance for the career of British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Because until now, he has just set up 7 wonders or 7 records of Formula 1 racing village. And another goal also carries number 7 within the reach of the Mercedes star: Becoming the first F1 driver 7 times VĐTG.

413 points in one season

This is the record that Hamilton set in 2019, breaking his old record in 2018.

225 points at the end of the race

Hamilton is four ahead of runner-up Schumacher. Calculated, Hamilton scored in 86% of the races he participated, the highest performance in history, more than Juan Manuel Fangio with 81% (43 wins in 53 races).

161 podium wins

Hamilton just beat a record 155 times by Schumacher earlier this season.

45 consecutive points with points

This record was created by Hamilton at the British Grand Prix and also raised by him. Hamilton is also ranked second in the list of riders with the longest streak with 33 points from 2016-2018.

92 Grand Prix champions

Hamilton just set a bouncing record in Portugal over the weekend. The old record 91 times created by the legend of Schumacher 14 years ago was finally deleted.

97 times to take the pole

24 is the number of countries and territories that each host the Grand Prix that the victory belongs to Hamilton. Only two places that Hamilton has ever held the Grand Prix F1 that Hamilton has not conquered are India in the period 2011-2013 and Korea from 2010-2013.

Hamilton is even 29 times ahead of runner-up is Schumacher.

The 24 countries that saw Hamilton crowned Hamilton are the UAE with Abu Dhabi, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, UK, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, and Portugal. Portugal, TNK, Singapore, Spain, Russia and the US. Schumacher holds a record 6 times in the F1 World Championship.

7 times F1 world champion

Hamilton is aiming to hit the record 6 times that the World Championship is held by Schumacher. With 8 Grand Prix victories and only 5 races in the 2020 season, he is 77 points higher than his teammates and also the biggest rival – Valtteri Bottas.

If all wins at the end of this season, Hamilton will meet the record of winning 13 Grand Prix in one season by … Schumacher in 2004 and Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

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F1 is not necessarily the most attractive racing (Part 2)

3. Daytona 500 – NASCAR

This is the most popular sports car race in America. Held in the state of Florida, the Daytona 500 is shaped like a football field but measures more than 4 kilometers per lap. And to complete the 500-mile (more than 800 km) race, the racers have to run 200 laps.

All racing cars at the Daytona 500 or other tournaments in the NASCAR system are made by three car manufacturers Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. To ensure fairness, the manufactured vehicles are subject to strict technical standards, so there is almost no difference.

4. Le Mans 24-hour car racing

As the name suggests, this is an endurance race. Within 24 hours, the car that has traveled the longer distance will be the winner.

Held annually since 1923 in the town of Le Mans, France, the organizers of the race wanted to bring a new breeze different from the speed competitions at that time.

Le Mans 24-hour car racing is an endurance race

Under the heat of summer, the race lasted from noon the day before to noon the next. On average, each car will have to run more than 5,000 km, 18 times longer than the current F1 race. To ensure safety, each team will have 3 drivers driving alternately.

The name of the winning car company will be associated with persistence. This is an important factor to consider for popular customers.

5. MotoGP racing

If the Isle of Man TT is attracted by freedom and adventure, MotoGP is scored by its professionalism.

With a capacity of 240 horsepower, a cylinder capacity of 1,000 ccs, the car can reach speeds of 340 – 360 km / h. The cars on the track are also special versions, not allowed to circulate on the road. If we have money, we can only buy the commercial version, since the manufacturer has reduced its power.

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F1 is not necessarily the most attractive racing (Part 1)

World-famous racing “compete” directly with Formula 1 racing in terms of attractiveness as well as a fanbase.

Formula 1 is world-famous for having the fastest speed, the most expensive cost. But speed is not the decisive factor. Many spectators complain that the F1 races are quite boring and lack of competition, they want something new and more attractive. Therefore, many races were born to suit the tastes of each audience group.


Here is a list of the most attractive racing in the world besides Formula 1 racing.

1. Isle of Man TT – Death race

For motorcyclists, this is a race not to be missed. Held annually on an island between England and Ireland, Isle of Man TT brings the audience unprecedented excitement that no race can achieve.

The drivers will conquer the race with a total length of 365 km with 6 laps around the island. The track has up to 264 curves and almost no protective barrier, many locations even have stone walls, extremely dangerous obstacles.

The average speed of the racers is always maintained at 200-300 km / h. In the Isle of Man TT, superior technology is not enough, to win the racer must also have recklessness and bravery.

Due to the high risk of the race, the Isle of Man TT is also known as the “death race” because no athlete dies every year. Up to now, the total number of deaths has reached 252 people. Even spectators are at risk of serious injury.

2. Cross-country racing in Paris Dakar Rally

Besides famous car racing like Formula 1, Paris Dakar Rally is also an attractive competition for car racers. It began in 1977 when French driver Thierry Sabine was lost in the middle of the Tenere desert while making the race from Abidjan to Nice.

Immersed in the desert, he realized that endless stretch of sand would be the ideal place for amateurs like him to have the ability to test endurance. When he returned, he devoted the rest of his life to building the Paris Dakar Rally race today with his associates.

Cars participating in the race must be modified to increase off-road performance

On the sprint, the drivers have to pass 800 to 900 kilometers of the road a day in the harsh desert terrain. Many of them are just amateurs and can’t get to the finish line. Since 2009, for security reasons, the race was transferred to Argentina and Chile.

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Italian Grand Prix 2020: Pierre Gasly championship amid many shocks

The Italian Grand Prix 2020 is not only the last F1 tournament that sticks to the Williams family but also happens to many surprises.Before the Italian Grand Prix 2020, many people must have been confused about the 24-year-old French racer Alpha Tauri. But after winning the Italian Grand Prix 2020, he is probably better known.

And even Alpha Tauri is contagious. Because this team has just been renamed. Last year, Alpha Tauri was also named Toro Rosso – “sister” of Red Bull. That was when Red Bull downgraded Pierre Gasly to race for this Italian-based F1 team.

Unexpectedly on a crazy race day in Monza, Pierre Gasly finished first at the Italian Grand Prix, despite starting at 10th. In contrast, Lewis Hamilton only finished seventh due to a 10-second penalty, despite winning 6 of the last 7 Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton finished 7th due to the deduction of points

However, the top spot of Hamilton’s chart is still as solid as the table with Carlos Sainz of McLaren and Lance Stroll of Racing Point occupying the 2nd and 3rd place.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen had no points due to giving up due to a machine failure. Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas surprisingly only finished fifth, so Hamilton maintained a safe point distance.

Charles Leclerc type car crash

Ferrari continued to have the Grand Prix failed with Charles Leclerc having a car crash in the middle of the road, while Sebastian Vettel failed to win at just 6 laps.

Lewis Hamilton took the pole with a record fast lap

Lewis Hamilton continues to prove to be Mercedes’ biggest prop at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix while Ferrari continues to be in crisis.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have just helped Mercedes continue to dominate when they occupy the first two places of the Italian Grand Prix 2020 qualifier. Not only that, but the British racer also has a lap with a record fast time at Monza: 1 minute 18,887 seconds.

So Hamilton extended the record to occupy the pole to 94 times, take the pole in 6 out of 7 races and take the pole for the 7th time in Italy. Meanwhile, Mercedes has occupied the pole 8 times in a row this season.

Ferrari continued to bog down with both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc bouncing out of the Top 10. This means that for the first time at Monza since 1984, Ferrari has no runner in the Top 10.

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Gasly won the championship at the Italian GP

Mercedes made a serious mistake with Hamilton, then Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri finished first in the race with a series of events in Monza on September 6.

Gasly won the championship at the Italian GP

The victory after twelve years of waiting for Alpha Tauri – formerly the Toro Rosso team – on the Monza race made the Italian Grand Prix 2020 become one of the most memorable and shocking races in F1 history. The last time Red Bull’s B team won first place was also at Monza when Sebastian Vettel scored.

Two times of safety vehicles appeared in a row at the end of the first half, pushing Mercedes into a difficult position and causing world champion Lewis Hamilton to make mistakes. The golden opportunity was placed on Gasly, who was once disgraced at Red Bull, and the 24-year-old French racer made full use of it, finishing first with a record 36 minutes 39,174 seconds.

Gasly was overjoyed and crying on the podium

The first starting advantage with the remarkable W11 gives Hamilton easy control over the race and continually increases the distance with the back group at the first third of the race. By the 20th round, the distance between the Mercedes star and the second runner, Carlos Sainz Jnr (McLaren), was more than 12 seconds.

In the 20th round, Kevin Magnussen’s car broke down and had to stay on the side of the track, the safety car was deployed to serve the cleaning. The safety vehicle appears just before the optimal time for pit racers.

At this point, Mercedes made a mistake and caused Hamilton to lose his 90th victory when he called Hamilton to change the tire as soon as the safety car just went to the track without realizing that at that time the car was banned from the pit.

In the first group, Stroll missed a chance to win when a bad start and fell behind Gasly and Sainz in the next round. Sainz also quickly surpassed Raikkonen to chase after Gasly to win first place. But While trying to reach the last seconds, the Spanish driver still could not catch up with his opponent, so he accepted second place.

With the strange trio Gasly, Sainz, and Stroll on the podium, Mercedes is absent from the top three for the first time this year. This is also the first time since 2014, the big three Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari do not appear on the podium.

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Lewis Hamilton easily finished first in the Belgian GP

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton outstripped teammate Mercedes Valtteri Bottas to finish first on the Spa-Francorchamps race on August 30.

Hamilton completed 44 laps in 1 hour 24 minutes 08,761 seconds and was 8.448 seconds faster than runner-up Valtteri Bottas. This parameter does not fully show the superiority of British riders. Only thanks to the appearance of safety cars, while Hamilton focused on keeping the tires in the final stage, did Bottas not fall too far behind in Catalunya two weeks ago.

Winning 89 in F1 career helped Hamilton close to the record 91 first leg of the legendary Michael Schumacher. He also removed 48 and 50 points from his main opponents, Max Verstappen and teammate Bottas. If he can maintain his current form, Hamilton will soon win this season a few races ahead.

Hamilton finished first at Spa-Francorchamps was the predicted outcome when his qualifying round performance showed the British driver’s W11 was faster than Bottas’s by more than 0.5 seconds per lap. Although Bottas started right behind his teammates, Bottas could not intimidate the first place, and control of the race was entirely in Hamilton’s hands. Bottas almost became an obstacle to Verstappen, rather than a threat to his English teammate.

Hamilton easily outstripped teammate Bottas

There were a number of developments that seemed to change the course of the race. Antonio Giovinazzi lost control of the Les Fagnes curve, dragging George Rusell into an accident and gave up, making the car safety deployed in lap 11. But the order in the first group did not disturb too much. At the end of the race, the risk of rain appearing or Hamilton complaining about the right front tire did not pose a threat to the top.

Sebastian Vettel was even surpassed easily by his former teammate – old general Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo), so he only finished 13th. Prodigy Charles Leclerc was even worse when he only finished 14th despite starting on teammates. The disastrous 2-pit strategy caused the Monaco driver to struggle in the last group before he could climb to 14th in the last seconds. Most likely the two SF1000s will continue to have embarrassing performances on the Monza home track next week.