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Cadillac Escalade turned into a 5-star hotel

With the Lexani version, the owner of the Cadillac Escalade can enjoy the feeling of being in a 5-star hotel room with fully furnished furniture.

Known to be one of the leading innovative brands in customizing automotive interiors, US automaker Lexani Motorcars has recently introduced a custom-built interior trim for the Cadillac Escalade 30 ”Extended Viceroy Edition.

Outside, Lexani retains the original bunker appearance of the “American Dinosaur”, but has extended the wheelbase by 30 inches to allow for more spacious internal space.

The Cadillac Escalade of Lexani

Toward the upper class customers, Escalade 30 “Extended Viceroy Edition’s luxurious interior is a combination of a convenient mobile office, a comfortable resting environment and a top-notch entertainment space.

Specifically, the cockpit and passenger compartment of the SUV is designed separately, with the partition is a 48-inch curved Smart TV screen for video conferencing as well as entertainment needs.

Passenger compartment has 4 seats arranged in rotation, of which the last row is the main row.

Luxurious interior of the car

The infotainment system’s infotainment system is even more comfortable with two Apple Ipad Pro tablets mounted on the side of the car, an Apple Mac Mini and a PlayStation 4 console.

The classy interior of this special Escalade is also revamped with a ceiling that mimics the starry sky, the design style often seen on Rolls-Royce’s British luxury cars.

All features such as massage, heating, cooling, as well as air conditioning, electric blinds, and ceiling lights are controlled via the Control4 touch screen located in the center armrest.

The Escalade through Lexani’s hand becomes more luxurious and attractive than ever.

In addition to the technological upgrades, Escalade Viceroy Edition’s cabin is also decorated as a room in a 5-star hotel. Business-class seats are upscale leather with diamond-stitched motifs, with an airplane-style folding table.

In addition, the optional VIP package also offers suede furniture, cupboards, cups and many other additional equipment.

In terms of safety, Escalade Viceroy Edition is also considered a “mobile fortress” with level 7 bulletproof capability. However, customers will have to pay more to get this armored body plate.

Based on the starting price of $75,195 for the standard Escalade, Lexani’s Escalade is expected to have a six-figure price, which is over $100,000.